Unterwerk Neuwiesen Winterthur

Only a small part of the Neuwiesen electrical substation in Winterthur is actually visible from the outside, and the building’s exterior signage is also accordingly discreet: Depending on lighting and viewpoint, the copper letters can appear light or dark. The natural oxidation of the material is intentional.

The interior of the understated brick building is dominated by raw concrete walls and oak parquet floors. The numbers marking the levels refer to the copper lettering at the entrance and, with their layers, make a visual reference to the copper spirals in the transformers and generators. The doors and rooms are painted in the colour palette chosen by the city of Winterthur for its public utilities.


Address: Alfred-Büchi-Weg 1, 8400 Winterthur

New build: 2013, direct commission

Architecture: Graf Biscioni Architekten, Winterthur

Commissioned by: Stadtwerk Winterthur

Concept and design: Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Guillaume Mojon, Yvonne Schneider

Photography: Arnold Kohler, Bildraum, Winterthur; bivgrafik (photo 9)