Naturmuseum St.Gallen Signaletik Fassadenbeschriftung
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Naturmuseum St.Gallen Signaletik
Naturmuseum St.Gallen Signaletik

Museum of Natural History St.Gallen

With the new building, the Naturmuseum St.Gallen (museum of natural history) was able to move into its own quarters for the first time. In seven exhibition spaces, different themes of nature in eastern Switzerland are presented and explained. In addition to the exhibition spaces, the building houses a Museum Café, a lab for young people and two event halls.

On the façade, metre-high letters emerge subtly from the fluted concrete to subtly reveal the museum's name. Depending on the light and weather, the letters, when brightly illuminated, burst forth or recede into the façade. Inside, the building's signage references the careful architectural style.
On and next to the wall cladding made of local sedimentary rock, brass letters guide visitors from the entrance to the museum foyer and up through the exhibition.

—> Permanent Exhibition Naturmuseum St.Gallen


Address: Rorschacherstrasse 263, 9016 St.Gallen
New build: 2016
Architecture: Armon Semadeni Architekten / Meier Hug Architekten AG, Zürich
Commissioned by: Hochbauamt Stadt St.Gallen
Project team: Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Elias Müller, Yvonne Schneider
Photography: Bivgrafik

Naturmuseum St.Gallen Signaletik
Naturmuseum St.Gallen Signaletik
Naturmuseum St.Gallen Signaletik