Wetzikon Mehrzweckturnhalle, Foyer
Wetzikon Mehrzweckturnhalle, EG
Wetzikon Mehrzweckturnhalle, Eingang
Wetzikon Mehrzweckturnhalle, Halle A
Wetzikon Mehrzweckturnhalle, Hallen

Mehrzweckturnhalle Zentrum, Wetzikon

The spatial layout and the materials chosen for the new multi-purpose hall at Wetzikon’s central secondary school are designed for multifaceted and flexible use: for teaching classes as well as for sport and community events.

The signage, painted directly on the wall surface, borrows the colour palette of the architecture and, with its ornamental style, bestows a festive atmosphere. The lettering is, however, articulate and robust enough for the academic and sporting context.

Life-sized letters were used to designate the three-part hall. The crisp, graphic serifs in the font chosen – “Stanley” (Ludovic Balland and Yoann Minet) – are shown to particular advantage.

In addition to the hall, the schoolhouse “Egg” was expanded, renovated und signage installed.


Address: Eggstrasse 11, 8620 Wetzikon

New build: 2015

Architecture: pool Architekten, Zürich

Colour design: Yasmina Belhassan, Zürich

Commissioned by: Sekundarschulgemeinde Wetzikon-Seegräben, Wetzikon

Project team: Flavio Berther, Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Mirko Leuenberger

Photography: Bivgrafik



Wetzikon Mehrzweckturnhalle, Korridor
Wetzikon Mehrzweckturnhalle, Eingang Halle C