Letzibach, Zurich Altstetten

East of the Zurich-Altstetten train station, situated just beside the tracks, stands a striking ensemble of four apartment buildings with integrated offices and studios, as well as an elevated basement level with shops and restaurants. The large-scale foundation and the façade of light, rose-tan clinker-brick harmonizes with the surrounding 19th century industrial halls and railway facilities.

Inspired by an earlier custom of carved stone, the house numbers are made of cast concrete. The interior’s three-dimensional ceramic floor numbers adopt the exterior lettering’s relief modelling while reflecting both colour and character of the entrance hall.  

Address: Hohlstrasse 480–510, 8048 Zürich Altstetten

New build: 2015
Architecture: Adrian Streich Architekten AG/Loeliger Strub Architektur GmbH, Zurich

Commissioned by: SBB Immobilien Development, Zürich

Project team: Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Guillaume Mojon, Yvonne Schneider

Photography: Roger Frei, Zurich (photo 3); bivgrafik