Three-part sports hall Löhracker, Aadorf

An expansive glass facade on the ground floor sets the tone in the newly constructed sports hall Löhracker in Aadorf. The spacious wooden structure of the roof is supported on two sides of the building by fan-shaped concrete piers. Elements of raw and polished concrete contrast with those of natural wood.

Large letters and numbers embellish the building’s façade, designating access to the halls and marking the doors to the equipment room. The double-layered construction of the letters lends them a sense of individual physicality; coated with reflective foil and affixed on the glass surfaces, they oscillate between reflection and transparency. Other signage elements are painted directly in a green and silver tone onto natural wood, concrete and anthracite-coloured surfaces.


Address: Schützenstrasse 42, 8355 Aadorf

New build: 2015

Architecture: Graf Biscioni Architekten, Winterthur

Commissioned by: Gemeinde Aadorf

Project team: Natalie Bringolf, Dominik Denzler, Kristin Irion, Elias Müller, Nina Wagner

Photography: Arnold Kohler, Winterthur; Bivgrafik (image 6)