Coon Architektur, Winterthur

The defining element in the new corporate identity for architectural firm Coon Architektur is an inclined line. With its absolutely reduced form, the line lends the firm’s wordmark a clear direction and structures the website’s information. On the back of the new office media, two variously tilted grids with individual grey shading create the sense of a physical space and echo the aesthetics of architectural plans. The subtle colouration in the grids enhances the sensation of fluctuation. Products designed include office media, postcards, project documentation, website, office signage and digital templates for correspondence.

Concept and design: Natalie Bringolf, Kristin Irion, Julia Marti, Nadine Ochsner
Commissioned by: Coon Architektur GmbH, Winterthur
Realisation: 2014

Photos: Christian Schwager (photo 7)